Representative Quotes

“Having 3 primary care specialties together has been exciting.  Ordinarily I find most of ‘change’ jargon to be more lip service than truly as formative.  This was different and motivating and energizing.  It has been great having other institutions in the room together, would have liked more time for cross cultural interactions.”

“What’s fun about it is that we’re learning from each other. So each clinic is taking different areas and relating expertise or something that works well, with the other clinics.”

“If we did not have each other, we would have given up by now.”

“We would be doing only 10% of what we are doing now without PCFDI.”

“Being a part of this is the best thing that ever happened to us. If we don’t start doing it, who’s gonna?”

“The power of the collaborative is that you play to each other’s strengths and everyone elevates.”