Pilot Results

The PCFDI has been an important catalyst for the three disciplines to work on practice and residency transformation together. Interdisciplinary learning communities have formed and despite their differences the teams all found a way to create cohesion and work collaboratively. The teams have been able to speak with one unified voice and keep leadership informed which has brought additional support and resources to their efforts.

Key results:

•    At the individual participant level, faculty gained confidence in several leadership behaviors and their perceived competence in several PCMH skills increased.

•    Even within a short 6-12 month evaluation period, many patient centered care features improved in all three disciplines including clinic-wide processes to enhance and support teamwork and improve patient-centered care and population health.

•    PCFDI provided additional motivation and structure for getting things done by shining a national spotlight and providing coaching from national experts.

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Examples of clinic and residency changes made during project

Representative quotes from PCFDI participants.