The PCFDI included two face-to-face trainings, a 2 and ½ day meeting in April 2013 and a 1 and ½ day meeting in May 2014, which included a combination of instructional and experiential activities.  The PCFDI focused on patient centered care and skills development in six key components: 1) Leadership, 2) Change Management, 3) Teamwork, 4) Population Management, 5) Clinical Microsystems and 6) Competency-based Assessment. Participating primary care teams planned projects at the initial training that would be conducted back in their respective residencies and continuity practices.  The core faculty, each with nationally recognized expertise in key and specific areas of the curriculum, provided instruction and coaching.

Designated core faculty members and all members of the evaluation team visited each participating institution in September and October 2013 to provide ongoing coaching and assess the status of change in both continuity practices and residency programs that occurred as a result of new skills gained from the initial training meeting.  In addition, two webinars were conducted (June and November 2013) that allowed each team to report on progress made on action plans and share ideas across institutions.

Since 2009, the Primary Care Certifying Boards have been working together through a representative PCFDI Steering Committee to provide expertise in content, program development, leadership and coordination across their organizations and constituencies to assure the participation, quality, and relevance of the PCFDI.